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JQ Motors host Audi driving experience for journalists & customers


J.Q. Motors the automotive division of the JQ Charles Group of Companies hosted an Audi Drive Experience for local journalists, current and potential customers. The activity resulted in a tour from Pigeon Island through Castries and back to JQ Motors.

Audi tops the range of automotive product options available to local and regional customers from JQ Motors. The company added the premium brand to its stable of vehicle offerings through acquisition of the rights to import and distribute Audi in the third quarter of 2008. Since then the brand’s presence on the roads has increased considerably. The Audi Drive Experience is a move to give customers more.
“The whole idea of owning an Audi is the experience and that is exactly what we wanted to convey to the guests we have invited to this activity. It is highly interactive and will allow all of them to really feel what it’s like to own and drive an Audi,” said Jason Clairmonte, General Manager, JQ Motors.

And what an experience it was – following a brief introduction and familiarisation with the vehicles, journalists and customers set out on the Audi Tour. Each invited guest had an opportunity to not only be a passenger but a driver as well. The various models in the Audi line were exchanged at planned intervals along the route. Participants say the experience was thrilling. “I’m big on gadgets and these vehicles have a lot. They are very well appointed from the A1 right up to the A6. The Q3 is a very good entry SUV and to be quite honest it is very tempting to own one,” said Micah George, one of the journalists invited to test drive the Audi line.

The newest offerings were the A1 and Q3 which join the Q7, Q5, A4, A5, A6 and Audi TT. JQ Motors has big plans for the Audi brand, the most significant being the showroom currently under construction. Without revealing too much, group CEO, Gordon Charles says there are big future plans for JQ Motors. “Our strategic separate management of the various divisions within the group allows for greater opportunities for personnel advancement as well as more efficient decision-making. That is how we have been able to establish a great relationship with Audi as we look to supplying not just St. Lucia, but the region with the premium Audi brand,” he said.

The JQ Group of Companies is made up of several independently managed divisions, including horticultural, manufacturing, insurance, financing and real estate.