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The Grand Opening of Audi St. Lucia Showroom Facility


The J.Q Charles Group of Companies partnered with the Audi brand of luxury automobiles to introduce a fresh and modern dealership experience to St. Lucian Audi owners. The grand opening of the Audi St. Lucia showroom facility took place at Choc Estate and expects to raise the standard of the automotive retail sector in St. Lucia.

Current owners of the luxury brand of Audi vehicles from JQ Motors got a first-hand dose of the Audi experience at the grand opening of the brand’s new dealership showroom facility at Choc Estate. The inauguration of the Audi St. Lucia showroom was a result of the J.Q. Charles Group of Companies focus to achieve excellence through the use of innovation technology and customer service, in addition with their commitment to meet the exacting standards which the Audi brand requires from its Dealer representatives.

Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Phillip J. Pierre and Minister of Commerce, Hon. Emma Hippolyte were also among the invited guests. In his remarks, Mr. Pierre noted that “Audi is now truly recognized as the premium brand of motor vehicles in St. Lucia epitomizing technology, innovation and luxury.” The acting PM also believes that there is an offshoot of spinoffs to be gained from the continued penetration of luxury vehicles into the St. Lucian market, and praised the J.Q. Charles team for their innovation and foresight.

The St. Lucia Audi dealership has been praised for its remarkable achievement within months of its introduction to St. Lucia. Vice President of Audi Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Diego Ramos, revealed that the company had achieved 60% of the market share in St. Lucia. “St. Lucia has been the most successful market out of the 24 countries managed by the Miami office”, he told the audience.

General Manager of J.Q. Motors Ltd, Mr. Jason Clairmonte, said the Audi experience was more than just the purchase or comfort of driving a high-end automobile. It was about progressive innovation and excellence in customer service.