Audi pre senseAnticipatory safety

The Audi A6 saloon features not only a wide range of technical innovations, but also the option of something very special: a kind of sixth sense – or Audi pre sense. Driving situations are categorised by the various different systems in the vehicle, if necessary triggering preventive protection measures for the occupants or intervening to mitigate the consequences of collisions.

The front and rear (depending on specification) are equipped with radar sensors that scan the area in front of and behind your Audi A6 saloon. A video camera also monitors the road ahead. It is located near the interior mirror, the highest possible point in the car, and captures 25 images per second in a hitherto unprecedented resolution for the automotive industry. The ESP control unit also supplies further information. Audi pre sense uses this range of sources to form a highly realistic impression of the surroundings.

Audi pre sense basic

Audi pre sense basic comprises various preventive occupant protection systems that are activated if a critical driving situation happens to arise. They include tensioning the front seat belts, closing the sunroof and closing the windows.

Audi pre sense rear

In addition to the functions of Audi pre sense basic, Audi pre sense rear, working within the limits of the system, uses the rear sensors of the optional Audi side assistAudi side assistThe lane change assistant Audi side assist aids the driver when changing lane.Audi side assist to establish the presence of vehicles behind and thus detect a possible rear-end collision.