Wheels with run-flat tyres

Wheels with run-flat tyres enable you to continue driving after a puncture without changing the wheel for between 30 and 50 kilometres, depending on the Audi model.

No need to change wheels in dangerous situations: wheels with run-flat tyres allow you to drive on with a punctured tyre – instead of changing the wheel or waiting for help in a blind bend or on the motorway, you can continue your journey as far as the next repair workshop. The run-flat distance is between 30 and 50 kilometres, depending on the Audi model; your Audi dealer will be pleased to advise you on this.

The tyre’s run-flat properties are achieved by means of a reinforced sidewall. The increased sidewall strength prevents the tyres from becoming dislodged and being destroyed in the event of pressure loss. It also improves directional stability when a tyre is running at zero pressure. Wheels with run-flat tyres replace the spare wheel.