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Auto Union record car Type B "Lucca", 1935

Even before the start of the 1935 race season, the new Auto Union Type B racing car made the headlines with a world record attempt. With a racing car partially fitted with aerodynamic cladding, Hans Stuck set a new world record for 1 mile with flying start on 15 February 1935 on the Pisa – Florence autostrada at Lucca, driving at a speed of 320 km/h. This broke the previous record, which had been set just three months earlier by Rudolf Caracciola in a Mercedes. The driver's compartment was sealed with a plexiglas cover, causing the journalists to describe this record-breaking car as a "racing saloon".

Engine: 16-cylinder in V arrangement, with Roots supercharger
Displacement: 4,951 cc
Power: 375 hp at 4,800 rpm
Maximum speed: 320 km/h
Series: 1935

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