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Chris Merckx

Name: Chris Merckx
Age: 34
Degree course: Automation Engineering
Position: Production Engineer in the Paint Shop, responsible for maintenance
At Audi since: 2000

How I came to Audi:

After my degree course in Industrial Automation Engineering, I started in 2000 as a Technical Method Specialist and have been responsible for the technical equipment in the paint shop since 2008. Since 2007 I’ve been a Production Engineer in the paint shop at Audi Brussels, where I am responsible for maintenance. I’m also the Energy Officer and responsible for cost management at the paint shop.

What I particularly like about my job:

I love finding creative solutions to technical challenges. The more complex the task, the more motivated I become. I’m an enthusiastic engineer and pass on this enthusiasm to my team every day. I like taking a structured approach to project management as well as finding targeted solutions. I enjoy taking on responsibility – for the “flow” in the paint shop and for my team.

What I would like:

My goal is to use creative and engineering ingenuity to deliver robust solutions for the production of the Audi A1. I would like to have an enthusiastic team and new challenges every day that we can tackle to the best of our ability. That’s how we in the paint shop play our part in ensuring that our customers enjoy their Audi A1 every day.