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Julien Descamps


Name: Julien Descamps
Age: 29
Degree course: Industrial Engineering
Position: Technical Specialist in Logistics
At Audi since: 2009

How I came to Audi:

I studied Industrial Engineering in Ghent and took part in the Erasmus programme. My first job was at Opel in Antwerp, after which I moved to Audi Brussels, because to me Audi is one of the most attractive brands. Here in Logistics, I initially worked in the area concerned with materials flow and processes; today I’m responsible for one of the largest single budgets – supply logistics for Audi Brussels.

What I particularly like about my job:

I have a huge responsibility in terms of figures and processes – that’s challenging and a lot of fun. Profitability is an important factor in the success of Audi Brussels. I do my bit to help every day. What I particularly like: every day I work with colleagues and suppliers across Europe.

What I would like:

I would like to continue using my skills for the benefit of Audi Brussels. I look forward to that.