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Friederike Schneemann

Name: Friederike Schneemann
Degree course: Media Technology
Position: Doctoral candidate, Function and Pre-development of Driver Assistance Systems (formerly an intern)
At Audi from: April to September 2010 and since June 2013

How I came to Audi:

After completing my high-school diploma and a stay abroad, I decided to study Media Technology at the Ilmenau University of Technology. After getting to know AUDI AG during my internship, it wasn’t hard to decide where I wanted to go after earning my master’s degree. During the industry-sponsored doctorate program, I can perfectly combine my interest in scientific research with gaining practical experience. And I can do it in a company where “Vorsprung durch Technik” is truly experienced.

My outstanding experience:

The journey from the initial concept to implementation and testing in the vehicle can sometimes be long and full of obstacles. But when my algorithm, which I’ve put a lot of effort into, is running in a car for the first time, that’s always a magical moment for me, from which I can draw a lot of motivation in order to cope with the next few hurdles.

What I particularly like about working at Audi:

For me, working in Technical Development at Audi means working on a challenging task along with a great team, and being a part of the development of new technologies every day. The support that I get as a doctoral candidate with implementing my own ideas is just fantastic.

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