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Zhi Till

Name: Zhi Till
Degree course: Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Technology
Position: PhD student, Dipl.-Ing. Vehicle Technology
At Audi since: 2009

How I came to Audi:

I spent my first seven years at school in China, until I moved to Ingolstadt in 1996. Here I took my final secondary school exams in 2003 and in the same year enrolled at the Technical University of Munich for the Mechanical Engineering & Management degree course. Even when I was still at school I did many vacation jobs at Audi e.g. in assembly, the body shop and quality assurance. In 2009 I started work on my graduation thesis, also at Audi.

Since completing my PHD, I work in Complete Vehicle Development, Energy Management/Analysis. I consider my most important task to be designing future cars to be even more efficient.

My outstanding experience:

As a PhD student I had the unique opportunity to lead a team from China and Germany. We developed the first Audi A6 for China, which runs solely on electric power. The first time the electric motor ran smoothly back and forth I knew that we were reinventing mobility.

What I particularly like about working at Audi:

The opportunity to create something new and re-explore the boundaries of technology simply fascinates me. And I can do exactly that at Audi.

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