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Internship for students: The first step to your career

You can complete an internship in any area of our seven business divisions – may it be technical development, quality assurance, marketing and sales or human resources. You will have the opportunity to work independently on existing projects, to expand your theoretical knowledge through challenging practical tasks and become part of the Audi family.

Your internship at Audi is complemented by a comprehensive accompanying programme. This includes an orientation day, a series of lectures, a factory tour and many other activities that will help you to quickly settle in and meet other interns. Apply for an internship at Audi and start your career.


You should have the following qualifications for your internship at Audi:

  • Good high school grades
  • Good results in your university/college courses
  • Ideally initial practical experience (e.g. in the form of internships or student-jobs)
  • Team skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Activities outside the university environment
  • Duration of the internship: a minimum of eight weeks to a maximum of six months
  • Ability to communicate in German

Please apply online to our vacant positions three to five months before your preferred start of the internship.


The Audi retention programmes for students

It’s never too early to start a successful career
Have you completed an internship at Audi with excellent results and received a very good performance appraisal? Then you have a good chance of being accepted into one of our Audi retention programmes for students. The aim of these programmes is to inspire enthusiasm for Audi among highly qualified, dedicated and motivated students, beyond the scope of an internship.

Our selection criteria

The basic requirements for being accepted into one of our retention programmes are:

  • A recommendation for the programmes by the internship supervisor
  • Very good to excellent results in your degree course and internship
  • An internship lasting at least three months
  • A minimum of two semesters of your degree course remaining
  • Practical experience
  • Foreign language skills and ideally initial experience abroad
  • Social involvement

What we offer

We would like to keep you up to date on developments at Audi on an ongoing basis and help you to further enhance your skills and knowledge. You will receive:

  • The latest information on all aspects of Audi
  • Target group-specific vacancies e.g. for internships abroad
  • Support with regard to organising an internship abroad, a follow-up internship, a degree thesis as well as with starting your career
  • Competitions and invitations to trade shows and events

What we expect of you

We are pleased to be able to offer you a programme with attractive modules. In return, we ask that you freely and actively discuss with us your plans with regard to continuing your studies and starting your career so that we can provide the best possible support along the way.


Current vacancies

Selected vacancies are available in English. For further vacancies, please visit our German job market.

The male form is only used throughout the Audi career website in describing the programmes we have to offer so that texts are easier to read. It goes without saying that all of the programmes are open to both sexes.