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A new life begins: The first few days at Audi

The first day

On your first day at work you will find out everything you need to know to get your bearings. You will first be welcomed by a member of the Human Resources department and introduced to your colleagues and superiors. You will be given an outline of your own personal induction concept by your sponsor – an experienced colleague or line manager. Information on the brand and the quickest way for you, as a new employee, to purchase your first Audi complete the first working day at Audi.

The first few weeks at Audi

In the next few weeks you will get to know the company, familiarise yourself with the interfaces for your job and experience automotive construction for yourself. During a guided tour of the production site you will see Audis being produced at first hand. Another highlight will be getting to know the other Audi plant in Germany and the Audi Brand Experience, which includes test drives in the Audi models.

Together with the other new recruits, you will be invited on a tour of the city. If you have to move home, our relocation service will help you find housing if required, and the staff will do everything necessary to ensure you to feel at home as quickly as possible.

Official Site of Audi in Germany

The male form is only used throughout the Audi career website in describing the programmes we have to offer so that texts are easier to read. It goes without saying that all of the programmes are open to both sexes.