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Joining Audi

As one of Germany’s most popular employers, Audi lets both younger and experienced staff put their qualifications to specific use. Whether you are a recent graduate embarking on a career, are interested in a dual-study programme or professional further development, in Audi you have a strong partner at your side. Flexible work schedules and family-friendly initiatives round off the Audi portfolio for employees.

Experienced professionals

Vorsprung durch Technik means mastering tomorrow’s challenges today. For experts and professionals who are looking to contribute their know-how to develop the mobility of the future, Audi is the right place.



With a university degree, Audi offers you a tailor-made start to your career and first-class prospects. From doctorate through to direct career entry: you will benefit from varied training measures and intensive advice and support from Audi experts.



An excellent education is the best foundation for your successful career start. Particularly if, in addition to theoretical knowledge, you have also gained some initial practical experience. Audi offers students a wide range of opportunities to get ahead while still at university. And to be part of a strong team from the outset.


Your route to the four rings

Make your application stand out: our guide will speed you through the application process to the job you’re looking for. Here you will find everything you need: access and full information on the online application process.



In some of the text within the Audi careers pages, masculine terms may be used simply in the interests of readability. Naturally, in every case our intention is to refer to both sexes.