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Audi in Martorell

SEAT, S.A. - Production of the Audi Q3 started in the first half of the year 2011. The compact, sporty SUV is built on ultramodern facilities at the SEAT plant in Martorell, Spain.

An entirely new body shop and a new assembly line were established for the Audi Q3 in 2009 and 2010. Building the Q3 in Martorell is a further step towards the expansion of the AUDI AG production network and represents part of its growth strategy. A capacity of roughly 100,000 vehicles is planned for 2012, the first full year of production. The urbane off-roader is built there with high levels of flexibility to comply with the Audi quality standards. For the production of the Q3, 1,500 jobs, including 700 new jobs, were created at SEAT.

Martorell is located 22 km north-west of Barcelona in the Baix Llobregat district, in the autonomous region of Catalonia. The largest employer is the automotive manufacturer and brand of the Volkswagen Group, SEAT, which has its second main plant in Martorell alongside Barcelona.

Site Owned by SEAT, S.A.
Audi production start 2011
Employees 1,500 (as at: December 31, 2012)
Models Audi Q3
Production 106,829 cars (2012)




Autovía A2, km 585
08760 Martorell



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