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Audi Interaction GmbH

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Gregor Tautz

Managing Director

The link between people and the brand


As a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI AG, Audi Interaction GmbH can always be found where people come into contact with the Audi brand. We support 423 dealers and 1,371 service centres in Germany as well as the various Group departments with communications services related to the premium brand. With their expertise in AUDI AG products and services, our 367 employees assist our dealers, service centres and departments in all phases of their business relationships with Audi customers. Whether by phone, e-mail or in person – with 1 million customer contacts each year, Audi Interaction GmbH can justifiably call itself the face and voice of the premium brand.

We turn “premium” into an experience


All of our services are focused on ensuring the satisfaction of our external and internal customers. We achieve this ambitious goal through satisfied employees who are supported individually according to their abilities. Only a corporate culture based on open communication, trust and appreciation can guarantee the kind of top performance that benefits clients and Audi customers every day. Personal contact and individual assistance from our employees ensures premium quality and allows people to experience the fascination and delight associated with the Audi brand.

Premium services for all dimensions of customer communication


No matter where, when or why customers and prospective customers come into contact with the Audi brand: Audi Interaction GmbH is there as a cross-channel brand ambassador. Our services cover every point of contact throughout the customer relationship.

“On behalf of AUDI AG, my colleagues and I advise private customers, companies and even special customers as well as others on an extremely wide range of issues,” explains Sabine Frisch, 30, who has been with Audi Interaction GmbH since 2009. “Advising Audi customers personally on questions related to things like picking up their new Audi in Ingolstadt or Neckarsulm or buying a company car online, is a lot of fun and is what sets us apart.”

“When Audi Interaction GmbH started Audi online consulting on the website in 2012, helping design this innovative communication channel was a special challenge for me and my colleagues,” says Christian Ackermann, 33, who has been with Audi Interaction GmbH for seven years. “We advise users via video chat or text chat on and on the websites of Audi partners. We share information or help with the configuration of a new Audi.”

Our employees in 1st Level Support ensure all customer groups receive premium-quality assistance, and do so 365 days of the year: “My colleagues and I are the first point of contact for all concerns that prospective customers and customers have about the German market,” explains Daniela Eule, 34, who has been with Audi Interaction GmbH since 2011. “There are no limits to the diversity of issues – and that is what makes my work so challenging and interesting.”

“As an employee in international customer support, I inform and advise customers from outside Germany. This often involves finding solutions to complex challenges that will satisfy all of the parties involved. The work in an international team, the daily contact with so many different cultures and the opportunity to use my foreign language skills makes my daily work routine highly varied and exciting,” says Eric Schumacher Ramirez, 36, who has been with Audi Interaction GmbH for five years.


Continuously improving together


The success of our efforts is based on close, collaborative partnership and intensive coordination with our clients. Together, we develop processes for various project requirements and also provide support during operational implementation. With our many years of experience in project management, we ensure capacities are optimally utilized and help analyse possible synergies.

To maintain the premium standard of our services, we measure our performance through project-based and market-oriented key indicators that we also develop with our clients. As a result, we continuously identify potential for improvement and can train our employees to meet requirements. In addition, lessons generated by Audi Interaction GmbH are passed on to dealers and the Group – for continuous improvement and integrated brand communication.

Careers with Audi Interaction GmbH


Is performance something you enjoy? Are you 100 percent customer-oriented and looking to take on responsibility for pursuing project and performance goals? We are always looking for new employees to present the Audi brand internally and externally. Submit your application here:

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HR Officer

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