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Classic Days 2017 at Schloss Dyck

Classic Days at Schloss Dyck is regarded as the "German Goodwood". From August 4 to 6, the legendary Auto Union Type C racing car from 1936 will demonstrate the impressive strengths of its 520-hp engine. Equally marvelous is one of the oldest exhibits from Audi Tradition: the Audi Type C Alpine Victor from 1919.

Legendary Silver Arrow on the starting line

The Auto Union Type C was the benchmark in the 1936 race season. The story of Auto Union's most successful driver, Bernd Rosemeyer, who drove an impressive first place in the European championship of that year, is thus inextricably linked with the Type C. 520 hp from 16 cylinders thrusted the Silver Arrow to an incredible top speed of 340 km/h (211.3 mph). Developed by Ferdinand Porsche, the car has been dubbed the "grandfather" of today's Formula 1 racing cars. The most important construction characteristic is the 6-liter, 16-cylinder V engine positioned between the driver and the rear axle. The Grand Prix racing car won three of five Grand Prix races in 1936, and thus half of all circuit races and all mountain races in which Auto Union took part.

Audi Type C Alpine Victor

August Horch's third Audi model, the Type C, officially bore the designation Audi 14/35 PS (14 tax horsepower, 35 engine horsepower). Presented in 1911, the vehicle proved its prowess by winning three consecutive Austrian Alpine Rallies between 1912 and 1914. At the time, these races were among the most difficult of long-distance motorsports events.

Vehicles participating

Audi Type C Alpine Victor, Auto Union Type C Grand Prix racing car