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Donau Classic 2014

From 26 to 28 June, the international classic car rally scene met for the ninth time in the automotive region of Ingolstadt. This year, the main sponsor Audi Tradition sent nine vintage cars on an automotive journey through time in the heart of Bavaria.

Wanderer Streamline Special

Almost 240 classic cars were entered for the vintage car rally, which was attended by participants from Germany and abroad. The highlight among the starters was the Wanderer Streamline Special, a sports roadster that Audi Tradition rebuilt in 2003 in a major restoration project. 75 years ago, Auto Union AG won the prestigious “Coupe des Constructeurs” with three of these cars, which involved covering a distance of 4,530 kilometres in arduous conditions. At this year’s Donau Classic, three-time Le Mans winner Dindo Capello took the wheel.

Audi 50 and Audi 80

The Audi 50 compact car celebrated its debut in the summer of 1974 and was not only inexpensive to buy but also to run. During the time of the energy crisis, more than 180,000 units were built. This favourite among car enthusiasts is just as much part of the Audi classic car fleet as the now rare Audi 80 Variant (1967), the Audi 100 Coupé S (1972), the NSU Ro 80 (1976) and the Audi 920, a Gläser Cabriolet (1939).

Audi board members at the wheel

The oldest of the nine gems that Audi took out of storage was a Wanderer W25 Cabriolet. Axel Strotbek, member of the Board of Management for Finance and Organisation, drove this rarity in the third stage. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board Member for Production, set out on Saturday in the DKW F93. Just 205 units of the 1956 two-seater Cabriolet were sold at the time. On Saturday, the starter’s flag was also lowered for the DKW Monza. The Coupé caused a sensation in its day with its long-distance records and was ahead of its time with a body made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. On Saturday, this striking sports car was driven by Prof. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development.

Programme schedule

At 1.30 pm on Thursday, the participants set out from Westpark in Ingolstadt. The first stage took around three hours, passing through the Donaumoos lowlands and across the Rathausplatz square to Continental. On Friday, there was an early 9 am start for the Jura-Altmühl tour. The first classic cars reached the finishing line at the new Audi driving experience centre in Neuburg at around 4.30 pm. Saturday’s third stage led the cars through the Hallertau. Starting and finishing point for the “Green Gold” stage was the Audi museum mobile at the Forum Ingolstadt.

Participating vehicles:

Audi 50 (1974), Audi 80 Variant (1967), Audi 100 Coupé S (1972), Audi 920 Cabrio (1939), DKW F93 (1956), DKW Monza (1956), Wanderer Streamline Special (1938, exact replica) and Wanderer W25 Cabrio (1936) and NSU Ro 80 (1976).