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Donau Classic 2017

At the picturesque tour around Audi's home town of Ingolstadt, the event's main sponsor – Audi Tradition – will be present from June 22 to 24 with a total of seven classic and young classic vehicles. Among the vehicles that can be admired at the event are a NSU TTS and three models of an NSU Ro 80 which celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

50 years of the NSU Ro 80

To celebrate the vehicle's birthday, Audi Tradition will send its Ro 80 on the approximately 650-kilometer-long (403.9 mi) Donau Classic rally. Developed over the course of five years, the car featuring a two-disc Wankel engine celebrated its premiere in 1967 at the IAA. The four-door Saloon set new standards with regard to handling, safety and performance. The advantages of the Wankel engine were its lower weight, more compact design and smoother running. What's more, fewer components were required than for a typical reciprocating piston engine with the same output.  

A milestone in automobile design

Claus Luthe's futuristic, wedge-shaped design with its Cd value of 0.35 was a milestone in automobile design. The Ro 80 rolled off the production line in Neckarsulm from 1967 to 1977 and was the first German-made car to receive the "Car of the Year" accolade.

Alongside the Ro 80 at this year's Donau Classic are further classic automobiles from Audi Tradition's collection of historic vehicles, including a NSU TTS, a Audi 200 5T, a Audi 100 CS quattro and a Audi Coupé 5 E, piloted by the former European Rallychampion Jochi Kleint.

Vehicles participating

7 classic and young classic vehicles, among which the NSU Ro 80, the NSU TTS, the Audi 200 5T, the Audi 100 CS quattro and the Audi Coupé 5 E