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Audi 100, 1980

Produced from 1976, the second generation Audi 100 was a perfect example of the angular design school of this period. The new model was available as a 2-door or 4-door saloon, and from 1977 also as a 5-door hatchback with the designation Avant. The Audi 100 was available in bright Togo Yellow only in its final model year. It remained a dash of colour in the range, for a "relapse" to the rich colourfulness of the 1970s was not what was wanted.

Engine: 4- and 5-cylinder inline petrol or diesel engine
Displacement: 1,588 cc to 2,144 cc
Power: from 70 hp at 4,800 rpm to 136 hp at 5,700 rpm
Series: 08/1976-09/1982
Production: 687,590 saloon models, 49,588 Avant models

Audi 100 Avant GL 5E, 1980 Audi 200 5T, 1979