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Audi 100, 1982

From August 1982, the revolutionary Audi 100 in streamline form was built. With a drag coefficient of just cw=0.3, it was the most streamlined series production vehicle of its time, gaining the coveted "Golden Steering Wheel" and the "Car of the Year" awards. Like no other model, the third generation Audi 100 consolidated the transformation of the Audi brand into a manufacturer of innovative, technically sophisticated automobiles.

Engine: 4- and 5-cylinder inline petrol or diesel engine
Displacement: 1,781 cc to 2,226 cc
Power: from 70 hp at 4,800 rpm to 165 hp at 5,500 rpm
Series: 09/1982-08/1991
Production: 738,814 cars

Audi 200 5E, 1979 Audi 100, 1982