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Audi 80, 1986

The Audi 80 B3 Type 89 with fully galvanised body and a drag coefficient of cw = 0.29 appeared at the 1986 International Motor Show. In this respect it even undercut the Audi 100 C3, which had been presented three years earlier, and set new standards in the middle class.

Engine: 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines; diesel engine also as turbodiesel
Displacement: 1,588 cc to 1,984 cc
Power: from 55 hp at 5,800 rpm to 136 hp at 5,900 rpm
Series: 09/1986-08/1991
Production: 1,287,799 cars

Audi Coupé quattro, 1985 Audi 80 TD, 1988