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Audi Coupé, 1980

In November 1980, Audi presented the first Audi Coupé. The body was similar to that of the Audi quattro, but it didn't have the prominent wings and spoilers. The contrasting two-tone paint finish was the distinguishing feature of the 5-cylinder Coupé. The model series benefited greatly from the image of the Audi quattro and proved to be a success with sales of 166,222 vehicles.

Engine: 4- and 5-cylinder petrol engines
Displacement: 1,781 cc to 2,226 cc
Power: from 75 hp at 4,500 rpm to 136 hp at 5,700 rpm
Series: 10/1980-05/1987
Production: 169,017 cars

Audi 90 quattro, 1985 Audi Coupé quattro, 1985