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Audi V8, 1990

The Audi V8 was presented to the public at the 1988 Paris Motor Show. The vehicle was built at the Neckarsulm plant. The V8 was the only saloon vehicle in the luxury class to be able to boast permanent four-wheel drive. The body was based on the Audi 200, but had been visually modified. The radiator grille with badge, which appeared for the first time, was especially prominent. After six years, production of the Audi V8 ended in the early summer of 1994.

Engine: 8-cylinder V engine
Displacement: 3,562 cc to 4,172 cc
Power: from 250 hp at 5,800 rpm to 280 hp at 5,800 rpm
Series: 09/1988-08/1994 V8 3.6
09/1991-08/1994 V8 4.2
Production: 21,565 Audi V8 and V8 models with long wheelbase

Audi V8, 1990 Audi V8, 1988