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Auto Union 1000 Sp roadster, 1964

The Auto Union 1000 Sp Roadster is certainly not one of the most successful models of the post-war era – it was only built in small numbers – but it is surely one of the most attractive and eye-catching. The fact that its styling was inspired by American automobile design is unmistakable; it was modelled on the Ford Thunderbird. The Auto Union 1000 Sp was first presented as a coupé in 1957, the roadster was launched in 1961. The bodies were manufactured by the coachbuilder Baur in Stuttgart.

Engine: 3-cylinder in-line, 2-stroke
Power: 55 hp at 4,500 rpm
Displacement: 980 cc
Top speed: 87 mph
Fuel consumption: 22 mpg
Price: DM 10,750
Series: 1958-1965
Production: 1,640 cars

Auto Union 1000 S coupé, 1961 DKW F 12 roadster, 1964