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Auto Union Grand-Prix racing car Type A, 1934

In 1933, Ferdinand Porsche developed a Grand Prix racing car on behalf of Auto Union AG of Chemnitz. Its special feature was the engine position directly behind the driver (mid-mounted engine). In March 1933, the newly created Auto Union Racing department in the Horch factory in Zwickau started work on the new car. Just one year later, Hans Stuck set three world records on the AVUS circuit in Berlin, driving the car at speeds in excess of 265 km/h. The first race was held on 26 May 1934 at the AVUS race in Berlin.

Engine: 16-cylinder in V arrangement, with Roots supercharger
Displacement: 4,358 cc
Power: 295 hp at 4,500 rpm
Maximum speed: 280 km/h
Series: 1934

Wanderer W 23 convertible, 1939 Auto Union Grand-Prix racing car Type B, 1935