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NSU Quick motorcycle, 1939

The "Quick" mini-motorcycle was first presented at the Berlin Exhibition in 1936. The Quick had a pedal crank, a 2-speed gearbox with handlebar gearshift, and was initially equipped with a backpedal brake. A new feature at the time: the NSU Quick was available as a ladies' and a gent's version. It was the cheapest motorcycle in the world and made NSU the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world alongside DKW. Because of the great demand, it was offered again with a number of modifications after the war until 1952.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 97 cc
Power: 3 hp at 4,900 rpm
Maximum speed: 55 km/h
Series: 1936-1944
Production: 25,000 cars

NSU 501 OSL motorcycle, 1938 NSU 201 ZDB motorcycle, 1940