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Responsibility for employees

Audi acts responsibly towards its employees – for instance as regards child care, training, and occupational health and safety. Behind all these activities is a philosophy that centres on the abilities of each individual employee, regardless of their age or family situation.

Flexible working hours

Audi offers its employees the option of selecting from various work schedule models and balancing career goals with private obligations and wishes. These include flexible programmes and rules, such as part-time work and caregiver leave.


Child care to meet family needs

Audi places great importance on the well-being of its employees. This also includes the possibility for parents to balance their careers and family life. In addition to places in daycare centres, Audi offers the children of employees flexible short-term child care and special school vacation programmes for children of school age. The international schools in Ingolstadt and Munich, which AUDI AG helps support, are particularly popular with employees from abroad.


Diversity and equal opportunity

Diversity corresponds to our corporate culture and strengthens our ability to innovate. Audi hires people exclusively on the basis of their qualifications and abilities, and thus seeks to treat all employees fairly, humanely and responsibly.


Training and advancement

As an internationally active car manufacturer in the premium segment, Audi needs highly skilled specialists. This is why Audi trains young people at many of its locations based on the dual system, and assists employees with continuously expanding their specialist and non-specialist knowledge through numerous advancement programmes. The company also supports young people who have had a difficult start in life with a sponsorship year.


Healthy living and working

With its comprehensive occupational health and safety programmes, Audi seeks not only to protect employees from adverse effects to their health, but also to strengthen and maintain their satisfaction. Occupational health management supports the quality of life and performance of Audi employees throughout their entire working lives.