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Flexible working hours

With flexible forms of work and child care programs, Audi supports its employees in achieving their individual life plans and balancing their careers with their family life.

Flexibilität in der Arbeitszeit

New models for working hours and work places


Audi wants to use future-oriented work models to help meet the differing needs of its employees in various life phases. In this way, they can for instance work part-time, work from home, or take time off to care for a relative.

Part-time work in shifts


Employees working in shifts have the option of working only certain shifts. They can then work only the early shift every two weeks, for instance, or share shifts part-time with other employees, according to their personal requirements. Audi is also running a pilot program that tests changing over part-time employees during a shift.

“Job & Family” program


The subject of parental leave is a priority topic at Audi: In 2014, a total of 1,996 employees took parental leave, and 63 percent of them were men. Under the “Job & Family” program, mothers and fathers on parental leave can also acquire additional job qualifications to make returning to work easier. Thanks to a four-year reinstatement offer, employees can devote themselves to their families beyond the legally mandated time frames.

Flexible partial retirement


For a successful transition from career to retirement, employees can select from several partial retirement models for arranging their work hours according to their needs, depending on their operational feasibility.

Audi caregiver leave


If Audi employees wish to care for family members in need of assistance, Audi supports them in balancing their careers and family life. Employees can take up to ten days of leave at short notice in order to attend to family members at home. Audi caregiver leave also offers the possibility of taking up to three years of time off. For long-term care needs, Audi employees can obtain a reinstatement agreement in order to dedicate an additional four years to a relative requiring care.

Another alternative is the sabbatical, which offers a temporary part-time employment agreement in which working hours are divided into phases for working and leave time. Regular working from home (telework) is possible with an amended employment agreement. Both models require the voluntary agreement of both the employee and employer.