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Responsible operations

The Audi Group considers one of its central tasks, over and above simply securing its own long-term competitiveness, to conduct its business in a value-oriented and future-proof manner that concurs with the aims of its interest groups. Only when combined with profitability can growth meet the premium standards of the Audi Group and thus lead to a long-term rise in the value of the company.

Qualitative growth and economic stability

For Audi, the focus on qualitative growth is one of its strategic corporate goals. This goal is being met with value-oriented corporate management as well as Group-wide risk and compliance management systems. Capital investments are fundamentally met from the internally generated cash flow and safeguard economic stability.


Considering the value chain

In addition to demanding a high level of performance and competitiveness from its suppliers, the Audi Group expects them to strictly adhere to sustainability standards. In order to maximise synergy potential, these standards are valid for all suppliers of the Volkswagen Group. The concept of sustainability in supplier relationships is aligned, among other things, to the principles of the UN Global Compact and to OECD guidelines.


Dialogue with stakeholders

Audi engages in a continual exchange of thoughts and ideas with its stakeholder groups. Through the “Responsibility Perspective” lecture series, Audi offers its employees a regular opportunity for open dialogue on the topic of sustainability. Discussion rounds with nearby residents and stakeholder forums with representatives of stakeholder groups form the framework for discussion of important issues.


New standard for aluminium

Audi is a global pioneer in lightweight construction. The ASI initiative develops global standards for sustainable aluminium that reflect environmental and social criteria. The entire production process is taken into consideration here, as the raw material will play a key role in the future as well.


Customer-focused testing

Every model must successfully pass a validation trial before a total vehicle release is issued. As part of this trial, all relevant aspects are examined in detail – and under extreme conditions. “We delight customers worldwide” also means that local customer requirements, traffic situations and even typical driving habits are taken into account.


Customer orientation and Audi City

Audi makes customer orientation a top priority. Since 2012, Audi fans and those interested in purchasing an Audi have had the opportunity to experience the entire range of Audi models and their equipment options first-hand at one of the three Audi City stores.


Co-determination at Audi

Audi employees are actively involved in corporate development. Through the partnership between the Works Council and corporate management, a large number of milestones have already been reached. Alongside economic success, protecting jobs is a top priority for both parties.