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Master data


German Securities Identification Number: 675700
ISIN: DE0006757008
Index: General Standard
Sector: Automotive
Final compensatory payment: EUR 4.00/share (2013 fiscal year)
Official trading: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/M., Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart

Share capital structure


99.55 percent of shares are currently held by Volkswagen AG. The remaining shares, or 0.45 percent, are free-floating.

Compensatory payment


A control and profit transfer agreement exists between AUDI AG and Volkswagen AG, which holds 99.55 percent of the shares in AUDI AG. The agreement regulates the level of remuneration by way of compensatory payment to external shareholders, ensuring that they receive the same amount for the financial year as would be paid by way of dividend on a Volkswagen ordinary share.

The compensatory payment for the 2014 financial year was announced at the VW Annual General Meeting held on May 5, 2015, and was set at EUR 4.80.