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Audi Innovation Dialogue

Innovations are necessary to safeguard our Vorsprung durch Technik. What does production in the future look like? We are giving you the opportunity to help shape Audi’s production with your flashes of inspiration: What is your innovation for tomorrow’s production? Your efforts will be rewarded! Apart from putting your ideas into practice, prizes of up to €1,000 will be given for good concepts!


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All creative ideas and concepts from all scientific disciplines are welcome. The question touches upon the entire range of automotive production and for which these key words serve as examples:

Engines ● systems ● SOP processes ● occupational safety ● automation ● operating concepts ● controllability ● equipment ● image processing ● bionic tools ● CO2-neutral production ● (de)centralised steering ● digital factory ● efficiency ● electrification ● e-manufacturing ● e-production ● ergonomics ● vehicle electronics ● flexible production ● manufacturing technologies for alternative drives ● flexibility ● conveyor technology ● joining technology ● thought-controlled systems ● individualisation ● maintenance ● intelligent factory ● the Internet of Things ● information and communications technologies ● internationalisation ● body shop ● climate ● complexity ● expertise ● components ● artificial intelligence ● plastics technologies ● painting and surface technology ● lifecycle ● lightweight construction ● intelligent machines ● logistics ● materials ● mechanical production processes ● people ● man-machine cooperation ● mobility ● modularity ● assembly ● sustainability ● networks ● surface technologies ● plug & play ● press shop ● production system ● international production network ● productivity ● production steering ● processes ● testing technology ● quality ● rapid prototyping ● resource management ● recycling ● raw materials ● swarm intelligence ● simulation ● smart materials ● stability ● global standards ● synchronous production ● technologies ● technology protection ● forming ● environment ● environmental influences ● casting and similar processes ● variance ● networked factory ● virtual reality / engineering ● virtual technologies ● worldwide production locations ● materials ● toolmaking ● tools ● value chain ● competitiveness ● cost-effectiveness ● knowledge management

This is only intended to show the range of possible topics. It is expressly requested that Participants decide on the topic themselves. Vehicle-related product topics (e.g. vehicle design, dynamic driving functionalities, interior equipment) are not sought.


Deadline for entries and Downloads

There is no closing date for entries. Ideas can be submitted at any time and will be evaluated quickly.

All the necessary documents for your submission are available here:


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Do you have any questions?

Your message to the Audi Innovation Dialogue team: Mr. Fabian Rusitschka