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Audi Production Award

What will the “production of the future” look like? This is a question we have put annually to students, engineers and scientists from all disciplines since 2010, with a different theme for each year. We want to use this international competition to actively promote collaboration between science and industry. It gives all participants around the world the opportunity to develop visionary ideas, discuss these with our experts from Production and drive them forward in various projects.


The finalists and winners can expect

  • An invitation to Audi, including an exclusive insight into production processes
  • An expert workshop in which concepts are refined in conjunction with
  • high-ranking Audi production managers
  • A high-quality and exciting supporting programme
  • The Audi Production Award for the winner
  • Prize money up to €12,500 in total

Themes of previous years and winners



Comments on the Award - Audi's Team of Experts

The best teams and participants will be invited to an Expert Workshop with managers from our Production division, during which they can present their concepts, refine their ideas together with Audi’s experts and make valuable contacts. The winners can look forward to total prize money of € 12,500 in various categories, as well as the Audi Production Award itself.

Alois Brandt

Spokesman for the Pre-development and Innovation Team in Production

“The Audi Production Award gives creative people the opportunity to present their own ideas to a panel of high-ranking industrial experts. Together, we will drive forward your concepts. Take part and become one of the “best” in the field of science and technology!”

Stefan Ertel

Component Manufacturing

“The Production Award is an outstanding medium. It offers committed, innovative people the opportunity to come into contact with Audi. A big attraction of this is combining fresh, new ideas with the competence of a premium manufacturer – an extremely exciting task!”

Dr. Ingo Färber

Pre-series Centre

“The Audi Production Award gives our company the chance to discover the fresh, unconventional and idealistic ideas of young people. Ideas that we rarely come up with in everyday working life.”

Markus Reich

Press Shop Division

“The Audi Production Award is an ideal opportunity to bring the manufacturer of premium vehicles into contact with young and innovative people. Both sides benefit – a classic win-win situation.”

Peter Dollinger

Powertrain Planning Electric Motors

“The Audi Production Award creates a platform to discuss interesting ideas on the future of manufacturing, while at the same time enabling us to meet people who challenge the status quo and strive to achieve genuine innovations.”

Thomas Rolka

Powertrain Planning, AUDI Hungaria Motor Kft.

“Due to market volatility and the ever-increasing demands placed on vehicle systems and their production processes, we must continuously develop manufacturing technologies in order to ensure the sustained success of AUDI AG. The Audi Production Award is aimed at innovative people with new and creative ideas who will provide fresh impetus to the development of new production processes. It gives students and research assistants a unique opportunity to present their ideas and critically examine them together with high-ranking experts from the Production division.”

Dr. Martin Wahl

Toolmaking Division

"We approach students and young engineers with topics from Audi’s current manufacturing environment and receive creative suggestions which we can discuss with them. On the one hand, the Audi Production Award already gives students a direct insight into the needs and conditions of car manufacturing. On the other hand, it gives Audi’s production staff the chance to forge strong contacts with interested students."

Dr. Christian Allmann

Planning Electrics/Electronics

“The Audi Production Award is an opportunity for us to create a direct link with innovative thinkers outside the company and to discuss ideas and concepts which are perhaps somewhat unusual for us.”

Wilhelm-Robert Stein

Neckarsulm Plant

“With the Audi Production Award, we aim to collect visionary and creative ideas which will help us conserve resources and produce in a more (energy-) efficient way – despite the growing complexity – in the medium to long term”.

Heinz-Joerg Haberkorn


“The Audi Production Award underlines Audi’s standing as the favourite employer for engineers. Creative people can work with us on future production issues. Everybody who takes part wins – nobody loses. Why not get involved too!”

Kay Sauber

Production Systems

“For me, the Audi Production Award provides a framework for collaborating with dedicated individuals – something we simply cannot achieve in the context of our daily work. This ideas contest enables us to choose promising approaches for future problems. And that’s exactly the meaning of our brand value “Progressiveness”: to find answers before the questions arise.”


Comments on the Award - Participants

Michael Schacht

Winner Audi Production Award 2010 category “best overall concept”

“The Audi Production Award was an opportunity for me to make initial contacts here at Audi, to get to know Audi and also to actually present a really way-out idea and receive direct feedback on that idea. In this respect, I would certainly recommend anyone to seize this opportunity and take part.”

Shushrut Pavanaskar

Winner Audi Production Award 2011 category “best overall concept”

“I took part at the Audi Production Award because I liked the concept competition idea itself. There are very few of such competitions where the organizers are interested not in the concept alone. Also the brand AUDI means a lot to me, and has a respected image in the United States that helped me prepare seriously to make sure I lived up to the standards. The whole award process right from concept submission to post award formalities was extremely professional. I was impressed with all the organization in Ingolstadt and the whole ceremony was indeed memorable. Finally in the workshop we did develop our concept into a full proposal (with the support of Audi) which was only possible because we received so much good feedback about the concept. I particularly liked the presentations from the other teams and the second day of the feedback sessions. A ride in the new A8 was special, too!”

Oliver Meckel

Winner Audi Production Award 2011 category “best chance of implementation”

“The expert workshop was a good opportunity for us to think through the project scenarios and define an initial approach. With regard to the project ideas in particular, which were formulated at an abstract level, the workshop provided an open platform that enabled us to make the connection between theory and real-life challenges and determine more specific development measures as a result.”

Sven Kreitlein

Winner Audi Production Award 2011 category “best student team”

“The main incentive to take part in the Audi Production Award is being able to transfer good innovative ideas directly to the industrial environment and its fields of application. The Audi Production Award gives you the chance to get very close to Production Engineering and, in the context of this platform, the opportunity to discuss new ideas and their potential. The expert workshop provides a very good impression of the company’s organisational structures and processes, together with information on current topics and issues relating to the Production division. What’s more, the project proposals are developed and elaborated. I would be happy to recommend anyone who is interested to take part in the Audi Production Award.”

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