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Athletes in the wind tunnel

It is not only the Audi model series that are investigated, evaluated and optimised in the Audi Wind Tunnel Centre. The performance of top-level athletes and the shape of their sports gear, such as skis, bobs and swimsuits, are also perfected here.

The most recent visit came from Germany and Switzerland. The Alpine skiers from the two national associations, which Audi sponsors in addition to six other countries, not just with vehicles, but also with technical know-how, complemented their season preparations in the wind tunnel.

With help from the Audi team, the athletes worked on perfecting their posture on the slopes. So too did ski jumper Pascal Bodmer: the junior world champion who is just 19 years old used the 2.6 megawatt facility to optimise his flying position after leaving the ramp. The insights from training in the Audi Wind Tunnel have helped many guests to achieve their goal of going faster and further: apart from winter athletes, cyclists and swimmers such as five-time Olympic champion Ian Thorpe from Australia.



The wind tunnel as an ice track: the Swiss bobsleigh team experimented in the Audi wind tunnel in order to find the ideal seating position for the team, and to improve the shape of the bob.



Multiple Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe, who set a series of swimming world records, optimised his swimsuit in the Audi Wind Tunnel Centre. For this purpose the currents and turbulence, which are subject to the same physical principles in water, were analysed using special equipment.


Ski jumpers

The task facing the German Ski Association’s ski jumpers was to perfect their movements when taking off from the ski jump, then the subsequent flight.


Alpine skiing

In addition to the German Ski Association, the Swiss and Austrian Ski Associations also use the ideal testing conditions available in the Audi Wind Tunnel Centre. The German women’s alpine ski team members were particularly keen to discover what posture would be the most aerodynamic.