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Audi & Co.

Sustainability is a topic that Audi is promoting and discussing at all levels. The principle of open dialogue is solidly anchored in the company’s strategy and organization – from employees on the production line to members of the Board of Management, and from the subsidiaries to the Volkswagen Group. Audi is also engaged in external dialogue with its partners, elected officials and lawmakers, and the general public – always with the aim of working together to develop viable and sustainable solutions.

On this homepage, Audi illustrates its sustainability work on two levels.

First, the sections “Audi & Co.” and “Topics and Facts” provide information on the strategy, issues and results related to our sustainability activities.

And in the section “Data & Reports” the company makes its contribution to sustainability measurable and transparent. This includes disclosure of important key figures, information relevant to the company’s goals, and our declaration of commitment to the UN Global Compact and the Declaration of Conformity with the German Sustainability Code.