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Audi Dealer Dialog 2016

Sustainability at Audi (German only)

At the first Audi Dealer Dialog on sustainability, participants were able to take a behind-the-scenes look at the Company during a tour through the plant. During the event, Audi engaged in discussions with the managing directors and dealer consultants on the subject of sustainability above and beyond the product. Together with the respective departments, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Felix Tropschuh (Head of Corporate Responsibility and Policy) and Heiko Schmidt (Head of Dealer Development Germany) presented sustainability projects and measures in the areas of education, sustainable product development, procurement, logistics and environmental protection.

As direct touchpoints with the customer, dealers are one of the Company’s most important target groups. As part of the dialog, Audi finds out what customers need and expect from a manufacturer of premium automobiles and can, for its part, pass on important messages to dealerships and also, in turn, to customers. Regular communication helps provide transparency and further strengthen trust in the Company.

The fact is that sustainability is becoming increasingly important as part of the purchase decision. Customers expect businesses to actively assume responsibility for socially relevant future issues. For Audi, this means systematically implementing sustainability in products and processes.

Results of the Dialog

The Dialog made it clear that the Company’s messages play a decisive role in the purchase decision and that brand image goes far beyond pure product messages: Customers are no longer only interested in product features and instead are increasingly asking questions about the fundamental processes.

Audi experts from various departments and disciplines appear in the aforementioned film “Sustainability at Audi,” presenting projects and measures along the value chain.