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New working world

Traditional employment biographies are history and the work environment is transforming. Audi is constantly refining its work environment to enable it to respond more flexibly as an international business and further enhance its appeal as an employer.

Audi uses modern modes of work to provide creative freedom and thus promote innovation. The needs of the employees are the priority. For example, Audi offers its workforce a choice from numerous models for working hours. The management and General Works Council have in addition approved a new company agreement on mobile work. Now, for the first time, this gives the employees a right to work independently of time and place constraints if that is compatible with their duties. Audi also uses an array of digital tools and innovative office space concepts as a fertile medium for self-directed, creative working.

The Company offers various other individual arrangements to help its employees balance family and professional life. The aim is to reflect even better the different life phases of younger and older employees. Employees can for instance work part-time or take a break from working in order to care for family members. Parental leave, too, is proving popular. The Job & Family program gives employees on parental leave additional qualifications that will prove helpful when they resume their careers. Thanks to a four-year reinstatement offer, Audi employees can devote themselves to their families beyond the legally mandated time frames. In addition, fixed blocks of places are reserved in day-care centers at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites – with long opening hours and only few closing days throughout the year. There are also arrangements with kindergartens and schools at the international Audi sites in Győr, Changchun and San José Chiapa.

In the modern Audi working world, trust-based cooperation is the basis of the corporate culture. Ten principles of the leadership culture have therefore been defined through dialogue between the Company and the employees. The core issues are appreciation and respect. Employee confidence and independence are supported, carving out even more leeway for creativity. The leadership principles are to be rolled out across all sites in the Audi Group.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Equal opportunity is deeply rooted in Audi’s self-image. Fairness and tolerance as well as mutual respect and trusting coexistence are among the defining elements of the “Guidelines for equal opportunities and equality at AUDI AG”. Against a backdrop of change at the Company, more than ever, diversity represents a significant resource. People of over 94 nationalities work for AUDI AG.

Another important focus of the human resources strategy is to recruit and promote well-qualified women. Back in 2011 Audi laid down internal targets for increasing the proportion of women at the various hierarchic levels of the Company. Using ongoing measures such as the Female Researchers Camp, excursions or internships, the Company aims to inspire school students to study engineering or a technical profession. To attract well-qualified women to our Company, Audi also attends fairs and congresses aimed specifically at women.

In the spirit of the “You and Audi” slogan, Audi offers specialized programs for women, such as various mentoring concepts. These encourage women to take on more responsibility and support them along their path to a leadership position.

As part of promoting diversity in the workforce, the Company also practices extensive integration management and offers special qualification opportunities for people with disabilities. The purpose of these is to reintegrate the target group into normal working life in the best possible way. People with disabilities are also integrated into production processes outside of the Company’s own operations through orders placed with social institutions. These include the “Lebenshilfe” (counseling) workshops in Ingolstadt.