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Operations and integrity

The Audi Group is pursuing clear goals – it strives not only to secure its own long-term competitiveness but also to meet the needs of its interest groups by conducting its business in a value-oriented manner and staying fit for the future. In addition to laws, internal regulations and ethical standards, the Group-wide risk management and compliance management systems serve as guiding principles for our business operations. The employees are actively involved in the company’s development at all times.

Measure Date
Degree of fulfillment
Improve reporting depth and increase transparency
Updating the reporting system from GRI standard G3.1 to GRI standard G4
continuous development
Further develop the systematic stakeholder dialogue at national and international level
Developing dialogue formats for worldwide use
Prevent corruption
Consulting and training in all company areas
continuous development
Implement key compliance topics in participations
In consultation with the management of the participations, employees from the respective company are provided with information on the Code of Conduct and anti-corruption
continuous development
Sensitization for and greater awareness of compliance topics
Continuation of internal compliance communication
continuous development
Sensitize employees to the subject of anti-trust law
On-site training sessions are conducted in all relevant areas of the Company
continuous development
Ratio of investments in property, plant and equipment within the long-term strategic target corridor of 5.0 to 5.5 %
Investments in expanding and updating the product portfolio and the engine range, in pioneering technologies, especially for meeting more stringent CO2 regulations, and in expanding worldwide production capacities
continuous development
Compliance with environmental and social standards in the value chain
Collaboration on defining suitable implementation regulations
2015 100%
  Training for all procurement employees in order to maintain sustainability standards in supplier relationships
continuous development