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The far-reaching transformation which the automotive industry is undergoing affects all areas – products as well as the business units, competition and customer requirements. Audi is facing up to these challenges: More than ever the company is becoming a provider of sustainable, customized premium mobility – with new models, innovative mobility offerings and attractive services.

Measure Date
Enhance the sales performance at all levels and thus increase the sales result at dealer and manufacturer
On-site consultation with specialist modules in all areas of the dealership for the German market: Sales, After Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management"
Reduce CO2 emissions from the Audi EU new car fleet by 27 %, compared with the base year 2012
Reducing fuel consumption through the use of the modular efficiency platform
Significantly reduce fuel consumption for every new vehicle as compared with the predecessor model
Expanding the range of Audi ultra models as the consumption leaders in all vehicle segments
Expand the range of electric drive concepts offered under the e‑tron umbrella brand
Production start of the Audi Q7 e‑tron as a plug-in hybrid
Develop and manufacture carbonneutral fuels from renewable energy sources for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Developing and advancing synthetic liquid fuels under the Audi e‑fuels umbrella brand (e‑diesel and e‑ethanol)
continuous development
  Market introduction of further Audi e‑fuels
  Extending strategic partnerships and cooperation agreements regarding the research and development of renewable energies
continuous enhancement
  Integrating a CO2 capturing plant (capturing CO2 from the air) into a power‑to‑gas or power‑to‑liquid plant
Responsibility for the safety of customers and other road users
Availability of predictive safety systems across all classes