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Company-wide environmental protection

In all of its work areas, Audi places great value on protecting the environment, maximising efficiency and conserving natural resources. This is one way in which Audi is meeting customer expectations and societal changes worldwide.

Green IT – energy-saving data centre

The data centre in Ingolstadt is committed to environmental protection and sustainability. By using an indirect cooling process, for instance, the servers are cooled with outside air alone when outdoor temperatures are under 12 degrees Celsius. This is an example of how intelligent systems use all of the resources available to them to help avoid large amounts of CO2 emissions.


Intelligent water usage and treatment

Water is a valuable commodity. Wherever possible Audi conserves drinking water and uses process water in a closed loop. Responsible usage of this resource reduces amounts of waste water. A membrane bioreactor will soon support the waste water treatment process.


Audi A3 body shop

Energy efficiency in production is boosted by new technologies – such as electric motor-driven welding tongs, electrically powered presses, lightweight tools and energy recuperation systems that recover electricity. The body shop for the Audi A3 and A3 Sportback illustrates this very well.


Audi Environmental Foundation

The Audi Environmental Foundation promotes nature and environmental protection as well as science and research projects. One of the sponsored projects is the international Oak Forest research project. In this long-term project, some 100,000 trees have already been planted in the vicinity of selected Audi production sites.


Saving energy at work

The example of Ingolstadt illustrates clearly and in detail the conditions that are needed to ensure resource-conserving and environmentally friendly work methods. It is not just energy supplies that play an important role in this respect. Each individual employee is also involved in supporting environmentally friendly processes.


Environmental management and partnerships

The Audi Group is considered a front-runner in environmental protection, both in Germany and internationally, and it uses a certified environment management system at many of its production sites. Audi contributes its business know-how to political and societal dialogue in many different partnerships. The Environmental Pact for Bavaria, for example, undertakes to conserve resources and adopt technologies to minimise environmental impact.