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The Audi Sport racing academy trains the promoted drivers in high-performance Audi models such as the Audi R8 V10 plus which represents the spearhead of the brand in terms of sportiness. The Audi R8 LMS racing version has won numerous endurance races in the past and has been directly derived from the production car. The Audi TT cup completes the line-up. The lightweight car, with a chassis made of an intelligent composite construction of aluminium and steel, has proved itself superbly as a race car in the Audi Sport TT Cup since 2015. 


Chassis design: Audi Space Frame (ASF) in multi-material construction made from aluminium and CFRP
Engine: 90° V10 petrol engine
Cubic capacity: 5,204 cc
Max. power output: 449 kW (610 hp)
Driveline: four-wheel driveWeight: 1,555 kg

Audi TT cup

Chassis design: steel/aluminium hybrid bodyshell constructionfeaturing welded steel safety cell
Engine: four-cylinder inline petrol engine
Cubic capacity: 1,984 cc
Max. power output: 228 kW (310 hp)
Driveline: front-wheel-drive
Weight: 1,125 kg


Chassis design: Audi Space Frame (ASF) in aluminium-CFRP hybrid construction with supporting steel roll cage
Engine: 90° V10 petrol engine
Cubic capacity: 5,200 cc
Max. power output: up to 430 kW (585 hp)
Driveline: rear-wheel drive
Weight: 1,225 kg


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