Formula E compact

Formula E won over the world media with its future-orientated concept, and fans were taken under the spell of prominent drivers, spectacular cars, simple rules and interactive possibilities. At a glance: everything booming in the electro-racing series.


Formula E caused a great sensation with its 2014 debut as the first fully electric motorsport series in the world. It developed itself from a perceived exotic into a real showpiece. 2016/2017 marks the third season. Ten teams with a total of 20 drivers – many of whom are former Formula 1 drivers – fight for trophies and victories at the specially constructed city circuits in metropolises around the world. The organising body, the International Automobile Federation (FIA), is reaching out to new target groups with Formula E, especially young people.


Raced with thoroughbred single-seater racing cars. Most components, including all aerodynamics, are identical for all teams. For the construction of the powertrain, on the other hand, the rulebook provides freedom. At the heart of the Formula E cars are an electric motor and a battery. At present, the battery capacity is not yet enough for the entire race distance, so the drivers change cars in a mid-race pit-stop. In each race there is 170 kW of power output available to use in the race. In free practice and qualifying, 200 kW are available.


At most Formula E events, the entire racing action takes place on one day. In the morning, the drivers complete two free practice sessions before the starting places are decided during qualifying. The races in the afternoon are run with a fixed number of laps and last approximately 50 minutes. Points are distributed according to the current FIA template (the top ten receive points, the winner 25). Furthermore, the pole-setter and the driver with the fastest race lap are rewarded with three points and one point respectively. A minimum time between entering and exiting the pits must be complied with during the mid-race car change.


A highlight of Formula E is that the fans can actively support their favourite drivers – unique in motorsport. The three drivers who have collected the most votes through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as well as the Formula E app and the series website receive extra power. In the second half of the race, 30 kW can be retrieved at the push of a button.

Supporting programme

Formula E fans are offered broad entertainment off the track as well. The DJ, known as the ‘EJ’ at Formula E, provides a musical soundtrack before, during and after the race. In the eVillage – to which access is free for all ticket holders – the manufacturers present their latest electric and hybrid cars, visitors can exchange blows in professional racing simulators in the eSports Arena, and the autograph hour brings signature hunters to the drivers. At the presentation ceremony the fans can also come close to the their idols – and vice versa. “It’s really unique,” says Formula E driver Daniel Abt. “On the way to the podium we run through the crowd of people celebrating and give high fives to everyone. It gives me goose bumps every time.”

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