Philip Ellis celebrated his third victory of the Audi Sport TT Cup season at the Nürburgring. He has therefore extended his standings advantage over Gosia Rdest by nine points to 17.
TT Cup Highlights
Strong battles

Philip Ellis initially broke away from the rest of the field from first on the grid. However, the Spaniard Mikel Azcona caught up, and in the fourth lap he passed Ellis at the chicane under braking. The Briton struck back a few hundred metres further on and seized the lead again with an audacious manoeuvre. An incident between Yannik Brandt and Finlay Hutchison caused a safety car period.


When the race was restarted, Ellis took the win with a 0.267 second advantage. Second place went to Mikel Azcona, while Dutchman Milan Dontje secured third. Both drivers stood on the podium for the first time. Gosia Rdest defended second on the table with fourth place. The best rookie in the field was Yannik Brandt in fifth, in front of the Australian Drew Ridge.

World Champion Cecotto

Johnny Cecotto brought world champion flair to the action. The 61-year-old Venezuelan is a former motorcycle world champion and has won many touring car titles in Germany. He secured seventh place in front of Mike Beckhusen, who delivered a strong fight-back from 14th place. The third race of the season on Friday was not classified. After an incident involving Tommaso Mosca, race control brought the proceedings to a halt, as the track barriers were too badly damaged. By this point, only five laps had been completed and therefore less than half of the designated distance.

The TT Cup version of the Nürburgring is 4.638 kilometres long

The race in numbers

Race 1

No classification for the third round

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