Toomas Heikkinen #57

Date of birth: 27 March 1991
Place of birth: Joensuu (Finland)
Residence: Joensuu (Finland)
Marital status: Single
Height/Weight: 1.70 m/67 kg

Best results
1st place Finnish Rallycross Championship 2010
1st place X Games Los Angeles 2013
1st place X Games Munich 2013
1st place Global Rallycross Championship 2013
2nd place FIA World Rallycross Championship 2014 (Driver)
1st place FIA World Rallcross Championship 2016 (Team)


Fast Finn

Toomas Heikkinen is not only a fast racing driver; he always seems to be in a cheery mood as well. The Finn, who has two sisters and a brother, has been racing in Rallycross since 2010 and won his national championship in his debut year. It was followed by two gold medals at the X Games, beating a certain Mattias Ekström in Munich. In the same year, Heikkinen also triumphed in the Global Rallycross Championship. After the runner-up title in 2014, the enthusiastic ice-rally driver clinched the team title together with Ekström last year.