From 25 to 27 May, Silverstone will be the new host venue for the British round of the world championship, after the “Home of rallycross” Lydden Hill dropped off the calendar. The all-encompassing name of "Speedmachine" will provide a motorsport festival that includes music, street food and much more.
Rallycross festival

Full of ambitions and expectations, that is how the organizers of the event at the traditional Silverstone circuit are approaching the occasion. About 30,000 fans are expected at the premiere. The three-day event will not only offer packed rallycross action, but also live music, eGaming and demonstration runs from old Group B cars, all in order to not only attract a younger audience, but also the whole family.

Race facts

The completely new circuit is relatively unspectacular at first glance. Since there are no naturally occurring elevation changes, an artificial jump was installed. The area of Stowe Corner on the Grand Prix circuit is where the one-kilometre-long rallycross circuit has been constructed.   

The drivers are satisfied with the track after testing here for the first time. The only thing missing is a really long curve on gravel. Overall, however, the percentage of gravel will be higher than on many other circuits on the world championship calendar.