Movember is a month dedicated to “changing the face of men’s health.” By growing a moustache each year, men raise awareness about preventing cancer and other diseases. Shaping and styling your facial hair is an opportunity to be creative and express yourself — things that also epitomize the Audi Q2.

Maximilian Haag (Text)

The sudden surge in men growing moustaches each year in November is very much a 21st century phenomenon. During this month, friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances all seem to be updating their profile pictures on social media to proudly show off the beginnings of the Tom Selleck look. But this isn’t all just fun and games. The tache revival is linked to a worthy cause — Movember. A portmanteau of the words mo (down-under slang for moustache) and November, this new name for the month describes an idea that began in a bar in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003.

At first,
Travis Garone and Luke Slattery simply saw it as a challenging experiment to test whether a bygone trend could be rekindled. But when they heard about a friend’s mother who was collecting money for breast cancer patients, they took a leaf from her book and similarly dedicated their challenge to a good cause. Their aim was to raise awareness about the importance for everyone — but especially men — of health care in preventing cancer and other diseases, and to collect donations. What started out at the Gypsy Bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne, as a fun project for a group of 30 guys has developed into a very influential global philanthropic movement. Today, the Movember Foundation boasts more than five million active members in 20 countries. Since it was established, the organization has raised €542 million, which is used to finance over a thousand initiatives — nothing short of a resounding success. The Movember Foundation champions such values as caring, camaraderie, innovation and — for all the seriousness of its activities — fun.


In keeping with the spirit of Movember,
Audi has created a video clip proving that, when it comes to creative and truly unique facial hair, the possibilities — ranging from the classic #dali to the rather more eccentric #octopus — are endless.


#songoftheday #love #fun #action #untaggable

The new Audi Q2 is not just a moustache admirer and supporter of charitable work but also a huge music fan. Find out more in the latest issue of the Audi Magazine, out December. Plus, of course, here. Alongside the video with the outlandishly bearded men, there are another clips to discover on the Audi #untaggable Tumblr site.

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