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Children's programme

Children see the world through different eyes. They have different needs and questions than adults, and a playful experience is paramount. Our special children's tours are tailored to these needs and thus give the little ones an unforgettable experience. The offers are aimed at children aged six to ten years.


Please sign up for all tours in advance.

Ready steady Audi: Children experience the making of an Audi

Let your child experience the exciting manufacturing process of an automobile up close. The programme goes through shorter paths in the production. The "drivers of tomorrow" get a complete overview of all the important production steps, which is complemented by insights into the Audi production system.


A splash of colour: Children in the Audi paint shop

Before the children start the tour of the "top coat" in dust protective clothing, they'll receive basic information all about surface protection and paint systems. After this they visit the finishing lines where the different effects of the colours on each model are inspiring.


museum mobile: In the sign of the four rings

Young visitors are introduced to the brand and automotive history in the Audi museum mobile in a child-friendly and fun way. With the help of interactive elements and team challenges, the children reenact the history of the traditional brands of today's AUDI AG from the beginning of the last century and experience the creation of the brand with the four rings. They discover which brand built the fastest, the most expensive, the smallest vehicle. In the second part, the children learn about the exciting and successful postwar history of the new plant in Ingolstadt.



Design workshop: What is my dream car?

This experience program first gives children an overview of the automotive history of the last century in the Audi museum mobile. The focus is on the shape, colour, and design of the vehicles based on the exhibits. Then the kids are given a task: Under expert instruction, they design and form a car themselves. It's not out of the question that this may result in a dream design with potential for the future.


Motorsport: From 0 to 100 in 3 seconds

An exciting journey of discovery in the history of motorsport: Why is racecar racing a sport? How fast are the cars driven? Motorsport legends such as the "Alpine Victor" and the "Silver Arrow" are put under the microscope. The children learn the differences between the past and present racing cars of today. The victories of Audi are explained in rallying and in the DTM. The children experience the fascination of pit stops up close in a fun way. At the end of the programme, the young motorsport fans assemble their own DTM model car, an Audi A5.


Colour Detectives: Colourful Discoveries

The inspiring children's programme for younger visitors is an introduction to the fascinating world of colours in a fun and interactive way. With the help of colour paths, our little colour detectives in the exhibition go off in search of information about the different colours. The exciting play of colours and colour experiments with the cars give the children extensive knowledge of the colours and increase their imagination and creativity. The children put their newly acquired knowledge into practice by mixing their own favorite colour and making a small Audi model using airbrushes. They can of course take their painted models home with them as a souvenir.


Bionics: Lightweight construction for young researchers

What do a cat and a car tyre have in common? How do robots work? Can machine components grow? In this adventure programme, kids dive into the fascinating world of bionics. For technical challenges, solutions from biology are sought in this science specifically. For lightweight construction in the automotive industry: The greatest example of this is nature, which only uses as much material as is absolutely necessary. Interactive stations and fun elements awaken the urge to explore and encourage the joy of learning in children. Using a memory game, the children explore the connection between fascinating biological natural phenomena and their transformations into the technology of everyday life. In the practical part of the programme, the children let their imaginations run wild with a creative design of a moldable toy.


Children's Week: Open tours and an adventure programme

In each first full week of the month, there is a Children's Week at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. Open tours of the museum mobile and production as well as of the changing experience programmes are offered for our special exhibition for individual visitors. Dates and further information can be found in our monthly programme.


Children's Driving School at the Audi museum mobile

If you want to take the coveted Children's driving licence home, first you have to go to driving school just like real life. In the mobile traffic school, children take a driving test on a futuristic driving course. A pedal car converted to a patrol car with flashing lights and siren is used for this. Participants are also taught the main traffic rules.