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Please sign up for all tours in advance.

Production in a nutshell: overview of production (120 minutes)

Experience the entire production process that goes into making an Audi. Learn all the important things about Audi sites and the Ingolstadt factory. Watch the fascinating dance of the welding robots building the car bodies. You'll find out about joining techniques and witness a "wedding" when the engine platform and body are married (put together) in the final assembly. The tour route may vary due to production needs.


Focal point of the tour: final assembly of the Audi A3 and Audi Q2, from a wedding to the steering wheel (60 minutes)

Watch the Audi A3 and Audi Q2 on the home stretch. Before a painted body becomes a finished vehicle, a variety of handles with thousands of individual parts need to be added. Watch the "wedding" up close where the body and the engine get married and watch the car take its first breath as its engine starts for the first time. Only then is the car ready for its journey to the customer.


Driving into the Future: The making of an Audi A3/Q2 body (120 minutes)

Watch plates being cut from extremely heavy sheet metal in the press plant. The steel or aluminium plates are then shaped in giant presses. This is largely determined by the tools produced on-site. Then it's time for one of the most advanced body construction units. Experience how a body for the Audi A3 and Audi Q2 is made from individual sheet metal parts. This production area is a highly efficient and sustainable factory with innovative technology and advanced equipment.


Paint shop – More than just colour (120 minutes)

Before starting the tour of the "top coat" in clothing that protects you from dust, you'll receive basic information all about surface protection and paint systems. In the clean room areas, you'll learn about the structure and organisation of the paint, about manual and automated paint application methods, and how special order colours are implemented. And of course, the important aspect of environmental technology. After this, you'll visit the finish line where the paint job is checked again.


Logistics at its best – High-performance logistics system at Audi (120 minutes)

The focus of this special tour is on the complex challenges of effective logistics and modern solutions in the Ingolstadt factory. Manufacturing and supplier-logistical relationships are considered in more detail with impressive examples of just-in-time linking of suppliers and production. You'll see how prefabricated vehicle components are controlled directly in the manufacturing process and learn about production optimising methods such as Kanban.


Stroke-flow-pull-perfection – The Audi production system (120 minutes)

As an added value oriented, synchronous company, our approach towards emotional design, quality workmanship, and innovative technology is unmistakable. We want to inspire customers worldwide. Our employees are the lynchpins. On this tour, the production system and its implementation rather than the product is the focus, in which all business processes are coordinated and follow the heartbeat of the factory. In addition to the success factors of lean production and the results achieved, we will also focus on the current factor of increasing digitisation (keyword Industry 4.0).


High-tech cubed – The making of an Audi (360 minutes)

Accompany the journey of an Audi from the delivery of the steel sheet to the delivery centre. This full-day programme first takes you to the northern area of ​​the factory, where you will visit the press plant and body shop. A tour of the paint shop and the clean room areas complete the first part. Then follow the next production steps in the final assembly before learning about the processes of vehicle delivery in the customer centre.


Admission prices

Guided tours (individual visit) English dates Price per person, discounted²
Production in a nutshell
Mon. - Fri. 11:30 7 euros, 3.50 euros (also for small groups from 5 people)
Discovery tours (group)
Languages Group size Price per group, discounted²
Production in a nutshell
German, English¹ max. 30 people
100 euros, 50 euros
The focus is on the final assembly of Audi A3 and Audi Q2 German, English¹ max. 30 people 80 euros, 40 euros
Drive into the future German, English max. 30 people 200 euros
Paint shop German, English max. 10 people 200 euros
Logistics at its best German, English max. 30 people 200 euros
Stroke-flow-pull-perfection German, English max. 30 people 200 euros
High-tech cubed German, English max. 10 people 350 euros

¹ Other languages on request.
² Retirees, students, young people up to 18 years old and people with disabilities are eligible for a discount. Children up to 6 years old accompanied by an adult will enjoy free entry.