The layout principle of Audi Sport is mainly based on the principles of Audi. Logo and text elements can be freely arranged in the Audi Sport brand space. The font sizes are chosen according to the layout and the statement.

Brand Space

The brand space is the zone in the layout in which the logo and text elements are placed.

The distance from the margin is taken from the shorter side of the given format.

Logo and text elements can be placed anywhere and in any size within the brand space, but they are always left justified one below the other.

Colour areas and images

Full-bleed images or dark red or white areas are used as the background.

Note: Audi Sport Dark Red is only used as a background colour. Logo, typography and graphics always appear in Audi Sport Red.

And this is how it’s done


Selected format


Define the brand space


Use photo (full-bleed)


Select logo-headline combination


Use in layout and scale if necessary


Optional: sub-headline and body copy


In markets where there is still insufficient awareness of the sub-brand, the Audi rings (black or white) can be used as an endorsement.

The inner height of the rings is defined by the height of the capitals in the Audi Sport font (not the rhomb!). The width of the rings should not exceed 1/8 of the page with the longer format.

The Audi Sport logo and the rings are always left-aligned. The rings are always placed at the bottom edge of the brand space, at maximum distance from the Audi Sport logo, therefore. The rings are either white or black.


Logo and headline are too far apart.
The rings are not black or white.
Too much copy, set too close together.
The line spacing is too wide.
Rings not placed flush with Audi Sport logo.
The copy is very small and not legible.
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