Progressive Premium

»In the Audi brand space we enable our guests to experience Progressive Premium mobility. This is characterised by reduced design, clear communication and an inviting atmosphere.«

Our unique showcasing brings the Audi brand to life. At its core is a minimalist form (reduced), straight communication (clear), and a customer / visitor-oriented atmosphere (human centric).

Brand Agenda Topics

The Brand Agenda Topics correspond to the four brand pillars: design, digitalisation, sustainability and performance.

Depending on the environment, one or more Brand Agenda Topics may be embedded into the space – each visualizing a narrative derived from the core strategy. A narrative contains people (storytellers), content and/or stories that fit to the respective topic.

The Audi brand space always has a rich narrative and is staged using various design elements (colours, materials, lights, furniture).


The Audi brand space is created based on three core parameters: reduced, clear and human centric.


» Clear, tidy and no frills: We focus on the essential elements.«

Our style is characterised by its reduced design language – shifting the focus to what we want to communicate to our visitors. Views and pathways are subtly yet intentionally signposted so the sense of open space is not restricted and free movement around the room is encouraged.

1. Creating a calm environment

In order to ensure the best possible setup to showcase the Audi brand, we keep the number of required construction features to a consistent minimum.
This allows sufficient space to be allocated to both the vehicles and the showcasing of the Brand Agenda Topics.

The result is a calm, well conceived and orderly showcase – creating a spacious and optimised impression.

2. Clear shapes and lines

Using a reduced, clear design language, we create a pure space that engenders the brand. Flat surfaces serve as basic elements which can be contrasted with a circular ceiling cutout. Wall surfaces are placed in such a way that our guests are constantly provided with new and interesting perspectives.

3. Full-surface design

Each structure (ceiling, walls, floor, etc.) should be completely covered with material and colour. Gaps in material usage or form should be avoided. Graphics and LED walls should be treated like materials and also be used across the entire surface area.
Walls facing inwards should be designed in the following way:

  • One wall panel carries the rings (1)
  • One wall panel serves to communicate a Brand Agenda Topic (2)
  • Additional wall panels can be used to communicate product- or event-specific content (3)

Walls facing outwards are used for brand communication and should be uniformly designed using the primary materials and colours.

4. High-quality look and feel

High-quality materials and surfaces reflect the premium nature of our brand and create recognition value.

Materials can be divided into primary and secondary categories. The primary materials are always used to create the brand space. The secondary materials are used to stage the themed areas.

In the brand space, the four Brand Agenda Topics (design, digitalisation, sustainability and performance) can be coded differently and staged with specific communicative content and design features (colours, materials, lights and furniture.)

5. Spatial layout

The reduced spatial design is enhanced by well thought-out zoning. In the brand space, clearly visible areas are created, each of which are assigned a vehicle and/or a Brand Agenda Topic. It is important to note that the brand space should be experienced as a whole and is never dominated by one topic area.


»The Audi brand space is staged clearly and unambiguously: The rings should be placed so that they are recognisable to the visitor from all important angles. Other messages can be positioned beneath but should be kept short.«

Progressive Premium is reflected in the spatial and physical brand experience we provide our visitors with. In terms of brand messaging, this means communicating the essentials clearly instead of overloading the space with content.

1. Confident and self-assured

The rings should be used sparingly and placed thoughtfully. They should represent the confident nature of the brand. Overbranding should be avoided. The rings should only be used as a brand logo in highly visible positions and are subject to fixed predefined rules. Brand in Space > Communication

On graphics and in media, the Audi rings can be used as part of the content. There are separate guidelines for this in the Basics > Rings and Communication Media > Advertising.

2. Clear and memorable

Media surfaces should be used in large format and convey the core messaging associated with the brand’s presence. The content for each area should feature just one message – which can be staged emotionally, technically or narratively.

Communication areas are to be treated like materials and used in full-format. Alternatively, they can be suspended in large format as a single feature or attached to the surface itself.

Human Centric

»The Audi brand space is set up to deliver on the visitors’ need for a real brand experience. Progressive Premium forms the basis of every design element and creates a high-end, inviting atmosphere.«

A reduced design language staged in a minimalist way needn’t appear cold. In fact, in our brand space, it translates into clear and open areas where visitors can feel welcome, enjoy spending time and interact with the brand naturally.

1. People at the core

With graphics, materials, light and furniture, we create space for encounters, communication and extraordinary experiences. All within an atmosphere that attracts people and invites them to linger.

2. Designing Brand Agenda Topics

The design (materials, graphics, colour, lighting, furniture) corresponds to the respective Brand Agenda Topic and is applied in a consistently reduced form.

The brand space is made tangible for the visitor by creating a narrative linked to the Brand Agenda Topic. The protagonists in our narrative (storytellers) tell these stories and in so doing convey the essence of the brand.

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