In the Spotlight

Perfectly designed and well thought through down to the smallest details: Advertisements reflect the aesthetic and technical perfection of Audi. They provide products and messages the perfect stage for sophisticated, approachable and confident communication. The flexible design elements create extraordinary visualizations that are always unmistakably Audi.

One Advertisement - Countless Possibilities

When designing advertisements, the brand elements (rings, brand claim, colours, typography, image style, layout structure and icons) are used as described in the Basics chapter.  

Recommended distances to the format and space borders can be determined using the "Minimum Distance Calculator" provided here. These minimum distances also serve as orientation within additional layout spaces. In the case of cut rings, the minimum distances to the format border do not apply.

The following examples illustrate the variety that brand elements enable in the design process.


Rings and typography

Audi rings can be used in advertisements in all line thickness. Whether as a classic sender or as an additional design element (e.g. in the bleed), the Audi rings always remain clearly recognizable in the overall perception, in spite of their flexibility. For media with a strong long-distance effect, such as out-of-home media, Audi Rings Medium are used as a minimum.

Also in combination with other design elements, such as typography, the Audi rings are always clearly recognizable and are not dominated by them.

Headlines are always set in the Audi Type Extended with the brand colours black or white. In the placement of the headline and for the rings as classic sender, the recommended minimum distance to the format border must be observed. 

Basics > Rings

Basics > Typography



Colours and layout structure

Layouts can be designed as full-surface layouts or, in order to structure content clearly, divided into several layout spaces. These spaces can be coloured in one of the three brand colours (in full tone) or consist of images that bled to the edge. In this context, the layout should never appear to be too small-scale.

Basics > Colour
Basics > Layout Structure



Brand claim

If the brand claim is used, its legibility must be guaranteed in every advertisement. It is, however, never the focus of the design. The specifications for use, placement, sizes and colours are described in the Basics chapter, under Brand Claim.

Basics > Brand Claim


Structure – Step by Step


The recommended distances to the format and space border can be determined with the help of the "Minimum distances calculator". These minimum distances also serve as orientation within additional layout spaces.




The typography overruns the calculated minimum distance from the format border.
The rings are not cut from above.
The image is not placed full-bleed.
The typography has too little distance to the border of the format.
Rings must not be part of words.
The layout is too fragmented.