Structured Diversity

The Brand Appearance offers a wide range of options for design – and of course it ensures that all solutions create a coherent whole. Here you will find basic guidelines for catalogues and a series of good examples as a source of inspiration.


Structure – Step by Step


1. Select a format

Create a file in the desired format. In this example we use a DIN format.


2. Determine block

Now decide whether you wish to integrate a block in an Audi colour in the layout. If it has a function, that's fine. If not, it won’t be required.

Find more Details at the Basic Layout Structure.


3. Insert image

Now select an image and place it so that it fills the entire format.


4. Select colour

Select a colour for the block. Here you should ensure a matching combination of colour and image.

The Audi brand colours are available to choose from in full tone.

Find more details about the brand colours at the Basic Colours.


5. Rings and headline

Now connect the rings to the headline. There are a number of options available.

Find more details about the Audi Rings and there connection to the typography.



6. Minimum distances

Determine the minimum distances from the format border for the placement of the elements. The calculator provides orientation at Advertisement.


7. Positioning and scaling

Now the selected combination goes onto the image. You can scale the rings and lettering as you like – there are no maximum or minimum dimensions.

Find more about the placement of the Audi Rings and the connection to the typography.



8. Subheadline 

Now it's time for the subheadline. The block is positioned flush with the headline but vertically free. The type weight changes from Extended Bold to Normal.

There are countless options in terms of positioning and sizes. When determining the correct size ratio, use the ring size calculator for assistance.


9. Brand Claim – optional

The use of the brand claim is always optional. If you decide to add the brand claim, choose the options for positioning, size and colour.

Find more about the usage of the Brand Claim.


10. Back page

The back page, if there is one, is the place for information texts and supplements (addresses etc.), and the brand claim can optionally appear here, too.


The colour block does not have a function and is not in a brand colour.
Typography is too close to the rings.
Rings and typography may not be turned upside down or rotated.
Subheadline does not follow the ring-headline axis.
Body copy is not in Audi Type Normal or Wide.
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